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@stacyaharshman #GuestAuthor Stacy Harshman, Author of ‘Crowning Glory’ a Witty, Life-Affirming Memoir

Stacy Harshman and Beamer PhotoMy Creative Process, by Stacy Harshman

I’m very kinetic when I create, whether it be writing, painting or making music.  When I get inspired, I feel the creative, kinetic idea and energy inside my body. … Read more...

@stacyaharshman #Spotlight ‘Crowning Glory’ a Witty and Life-Affirming Memoir by Stacy Harshman

Crowning Glory by Stacy Harshman Book Tour Banner

Crowning Glory by Stacy Harshman Book Cover PhotoSynopsis: In this beautifully written, heartfelt, witty, and life-affirming memoir, Stacy Harshman tracks her amazing experiment. By wearing dramatic, identically styled but differently colored wigs for weeks in New York City, Stacy Harshman learns more about who she is and what she can find in herself as a redhead, a raven-haired goth, a brunette, and a blonde.… Read more...