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@dhtreichler Spotlight ‘Rik’s’ an International Thriller by dhtreichler

The entire affair began with sheep brains and falafel — Saddam Hussein’s favorite dish.

It is 1990 and in Baghdad two lovers are separated by the impending First Gulf War.… Read more...

#BookBlast ‘Fast Track to Glory’ an International Thriller by Tomasz Chrusciel @Ricztom #TrackBlast

Fast Track to Glory, ChruscielSynopsis:

Nina Monte, a well-respected professor at the University of Padua, answers an unexpected summons to a secret meeting with three European officials. They want to hire her to verify the authenticity of an ancient artefact hidden on a forgotten galley that sank in the fifteenth century, and to this day lies buried at the bottom of Lake Garda in Italy.… Read more...