#CharacterInterview ‘Monsterland’ by @IAmMichaelOkon @ebookreviewgal

Michael: Hello! And welcome to another edition of Character Interviews with Michael Okon! In this Monsterland episode, we have Billy the…

Billy stares menacingly at Michael.

Michael: Um…Billy the human.

Billy: That’s incorrect.

M: I know, but if I say the name will you turn into a…

B: A werewolf?

M: Yes.

B: No, only if you say it three times fast.

M: (dumbfounded look) I thought it had to be…

B: I’m just kiddin’, you moron.

M: Let’s start this again. On this episode, we have Billy from the Everglades. Billy is a …werewolf, but not actually right now.

B: Man, you’re smart.

M: Thanks, my mom says the same thing.

Billy rolls his eyes.

M: So, Billy. Tell our audience. How did you become the star attraction at Monsterland?

B: I didn’t become anything. My friends and I were taken!

M: Taken?

B: Taken!

M: By Liam Neeson?

B: No, by that evil Doctor.

M: Doctor Vincent Konrad?

B: My friends and I were having a great day. Had a great meal. The weather in the Everglades was perfect. Then the humans like you, ruined it.

M: I wasn’t there.

B: You’re all the same. You ruin everything. We’re not monsters. Yes, we may morph into a 7-foot silver werewolf with golden eyes when the moon is full…

Michael slides his chair away, just a bit.

B: I’m not transforming now. I’m not a monster. I just want to be left alone by everyone.

M: What is the Werewolf River Run like?

B: It’s a replica of our habitat, it has this bayou setting. We live in a dome where the full moon rises every few minutes so we can transform into a werewolf in front of the patrons.

M: Sounds cool!

B: It’s not. It’s excruciatingly painful.

M: Is that the entire ride?

B: Nope, after transformation, werewolves gotta eat, and the only thing there is to eat under the dome are the tourists in a boat. A thick acrylic glass separates us from the tourists. We chase the guests down a tributary.

M: What is Monsterland like?

B: It’s a hellhole! Sure, the whole park and the attractions are built all pretty and everything, but go behind the scenes and you’ll see a shoddy made habitat they stuck us in.

M: Shoddy made?

B: This evil Doctor spent all his money on luring tourists into the park. Pretty surface, but underneath…Hmph…no good.

M: All right.

B: Not all right! It’s terrible.

M: What are you holding?

B: This, um, it’s nothing.

M: No really, what it is?

B: If I tell you, you have to promise me you can’t say anything to anyone.

M: Well, besides our thousands of readers, I promise not to say anything to anyone.

B: It’s a key card to the holding cells.

M: (spits out his water)

B: We’re planning our escape.

M: When?!

B: Right after this interview. Hey, what time is it?

M: (checks watch) It’s about 8pm.

B: Oh, man. I don’t feel good. I think it’s a full moon tonight.

Billy falls to the floor. His spine pulls and he screams.

M: Well, that about wraps up this week’s addition of Character Interviews with Michael Okon.

Billy screams as he grows werewolf hair.

M: Join us next week…ah, forget it. Let’s get the hell outta here! This thing is turning into a werewolf!!

Michael and the camera exit stage left. Billy growls.

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  1. Donald Swan says:

    Ha, funny interview! Nice job, Michael.

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