Charline Ratcliff Reviews: Hand of Chaos

Hand of Chaos

I’ve recently finished reading “Hand of Chaos” by author J. Hamlet. And even though I had the ability to interview him one-on-one prior to reading this title, I must say that I was still surprised by the book. (This is, of course, a good thing)…

So, let’s talk about the story… In “Hand of Chaos,” Hamlet begins his tale in the wee hours of the morning. Anna, one of the main protagonists, has had a rough night due to some over-indulgences of a more…personal nature. Unfortunately for Anna, she is awoken by the insistent jangling of her cell phone. It’s her partner Roy calling; he’s on his way to collect her so they can go save the world from another attempted magical destruction by yet another person or creature who is hell bent on changing, or defiling, the current world.

Even with her serious lack of sleep, Anna still manages to get her needed gear and artifacts together and meets Roy downstairs. Thankfully, he’s also brought leaded coffee with him, which allows her mind a quicker grasp of the situation as they speed off to the latest area undergoing some serious annihilation.

I don’t want to provide any more of this tale here, as all readers should have the enjoyment of reading this book for themselves. I will however share, that within the writing of “Hand of Chaos,” Hamlet has taken a unique view/approach to some of the world’s problems, both old and new; fact and fiction. Hamlet weaves a successful story featuring realistic issues, true-to-life personalities and he uses fantasy, science fiction and paranormal genres to turn “Hand of Chaos” into a uniquely riveting read.

With that said, I loved the “Hand of Chaos,” I loved Hamlet’s various twists and surprises and I’m truly looking forward to reading future installments of what I hope is a series (based on the book’s ending). My only suggestion for Hamlet is to use a bit more care in the spelling/punctuation department, as those types of minute errors definitely yank the reader’s attention away from an otherwise fast-paced and spell-binding story.

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