Charline Ratcliff Reviews: When the Storm Breaks

Small WTSBI’ve just recently finished reading “When the Storm Breaks” by author Lilian J. Gardner. “When the Storm Breaks” is a romance type novel and as such it is not my usual reading genre. I am, however, happy I accepted the review request as it was a good book.

In “When the Storm Breaks” we meet Amber, the main character of the story. She’s an intelligent and sweet girl who hasn’t quite lost that innocence of childhood. She has a summer job at a small town pharmacy and she still lives with her mother; not because she has to but because she and her mom have a fantastic (and rather enviable) relationship.

Some months previously Amber and her mother had happened upon a group of gypsies – one of whom had offered to read their fortunes. While Amber’s mother doesn’t believe that one can predict another’s fate, Amber on the other hand was curious. She returned later for that reading, and yet she was less than happy when she walked away. The gypsy had predicted great love followed by catastrophe. It didn’t help that Amber’s reading was interrupted and consequently, she was left wondering which path was the correct one for her to choose.

Fast forward a bit and Amber does meet a man, as predicted. He’s warm, kind, considerate and… Oh so dreamy… Sadly, Amber struggles to enjoy this new relationship in its entirety because she’s always waiting for the other gloomy shoe of doom to fall.

I don’t want to give away any more of the story, but I will state that it was a good read. Gardner writes with a lovely style and her characters and their various situations are, for the most part, utterly believable. Because of this, readers will no doubt be able to relate to the characters, both personally and possibly with shared experiences. In summary, a fun read and a beautiful story of learning, growth and love. Five Stars…

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